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The academic master's degree in Chemical Engineering, created in 2016, aims to train qualified professionals capable of developing activities related to research, teaching, extension and scientific and technological development in the various areas of Chemical Engineering. The research lines of this concentration area have a high degree of connection and interdisciplinarity, addressing mainly the following topics: heterogeneous chemical and biochemical reactors; development of biotechnological products and processes; development, modeling, simulation, optimization and process control; particulate systems; emission control of pollutants; technologies for the reduction of industrial waste and treatment processes of liquid and gaseous effluents. The program's differential lies in the development of environmentally sustainable technologies and processes. In this way, the integrated lines of research provide the student with a great foundation and the elevation of his level of knowledge in chemical engineering, enabling him to act in chemical processes, technologies connected to the environment and state-of-the-art chemical and biochemical technologies in the country. Our graduate program promotes advanced research and prepares professionals to address the local demand for new technologies. The  Master of Science aim to qualify human resources for industries, teaching and research, as well as to consolidate technical and scientific studies.

Programa de Pós-Graduação em Engenharia Química / PPG-EQ
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